Monday, August 24, 2009

Tybee Island, How We Love Thee!

Warning: Picture Overload Ahead!

Last week we all loaded up and headed to one of my very favorite places - Tybee Island, GA!!
My parents bought a timeshare on the Island the year that I was born and we've been going there ever since. It's a tradition that I definitely want to keep up with my own kids, and have been fortunate to be able to so far! This was BuddyRoe's first trip, but BBug has been there all four of her summers so far!

One of our favorite parts of the Island is that it isn't overly commercial, it's still pretty laid back and low key.
An added benefit to this year's trip was that we got to enjoy it with NahNah, PopPop, Grandma (my grandmother), Uncle J, Boogie, Aunt B, and Aunt B's parents (Mimi & Papa). Don't worry, we didn't all share one condo - we had two (that were two bedrooms each).
While we were there we enjoyed swimming in the pool - there were over 2,700 jellyfish stings reported the first weekend so we pretty much stayed out of the ocean. BBug continued to work on her swimming. She's got all the motions down she just has to get the confidence to try it without her floaties. She and Boogie especially enjoyed playing "1-2-3 Jump!"

We also played in the sand and built sand castles with NahNah. Well, BBug built the sand castles while BuddyRoe ate the sand.

One of the evenings we all met up for a sunset dolphin cruise. Daddy and BuddyRoe stayed behind since it would have been way past BuddyRoe's bedtime when we returned.

Unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins and the sky was overcast so the sunset wasn't the best, but we sure did enjoy the boat ride and the company anyway!
We spent a little bit of time out on the pier fishing with Uncle J and NahNah. The pier is one of Uncle J's favorite places to hang out when we're there - he always catches neat stuff like stingrays and sharks!

NahNah, Mommy & BBug went to the Island's little Marine Science Center one day while the boys were all napping. BBug loved the pufferfish, but wasn't so sure about the gators - don't worry she still LOVES "The Gators" though!

Walks on the beach have always been one of our favorite activities and this year was no exception. We usually met up with Boogie and her crew and shared the fun together!

Other than that - as if that wasn't enough - we just relaxed and enjoyed being silly for a while!

On the way home NahNah and PopPop followed us into Savannah where we visited Riverstreet to get some famous Salt Water Taffy and other goodies and the candy store! We even got to see how it was all made! So yummy!

It was such a wonderful vacation and we can't thank NahNah and PopPop enough for letting us join them each year. Now we're just counting down the days until next August!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my Hubby's 34th birthday!

Our life together hasn't been perfect and things haven't always been easy between us, but it's all been worth it in the end and I am so lucky to have him in my life!

He is an amazing father - I can't stress how blessed I am that I have such a hands-on partner in raising our children. Although his patience may be a little shorter than mine with the terrible 3s, I couldn't ask for a better dad. I mean really, the man can dress a Polly Pocket "Belle" like nobody's business! You can't beat that! Not to mention that instead of asking for a birthday present for himself, he decided to get the family tickets to Disney on Ice Princesses because he knows BBug will love it!

He is a fantastic husband - he even does the dishes and the laundry!! He may drive me absolutely insane sometimes with his crazy songs and idiosyncrasies, but I wouldn't trade him for anything!

He tells me that he has to read this blog so that he knows what we're doing, so - what we're doing today is wishing him a very Happy Birthday!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Visit from Cousin H

BBug and BuddyRoe's cousin H came to visit last week, along with his mommy and daddy (my oldest brother).

BBug (and BuddyRoe although he's too young to say so just yet) LOVES to see her cousins! Uncle C, Aunt C and H just stopped by for a day and a half on their way to the "Big Mouse House" for H's 2nd birthday!

While they were here the kids went to an amazing local park - it's designed so that children of all abilities can enjoy it. There are tunnels and swings designed to accomodate wheelchairs, areas with braile for the sight impaired, features designed for children with autism and so much more. I'm sad that I didn't get to go, but I had to work half of the day and that was when they were there. But I did meet them after the park at an indoor bounce house where we had a pizza lunch and let the kids and Uncle C. play. Unfortunately, no one brought a camera so I have no pictures of that afternoon to share.

I do have pictures of some of the other fun times they had during the brief visit. They went for a ride in BBug's Jeep - which she still won't drive! She loves to ride in it, but won't drive it to save her life.

They read stories with Aunt C.

They played with H's Thomas the Train birthday present.

And we all just enjoyed some good quality family time. We love visits from the cousins and can't wait to see them again!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh The Things She Says

ETA: Apparently the picture below looks like BBug is smoking. She is NOT - this is her version of "blowing kisses".

This weekend was full of "What did she just say?" moments from BBug.

We started out Friday afternoon - as I was getting her out of the truck after picking her up from daycare she looked out the door and said, "Yep, those storm clouds are rolling in."

Friday night we let her sleep on the "couch bed" in the family room and watch movies. Saturday morning Daddy, BuddyRoe and I were asleep in bed (BuddyRoe had kindly agreed to go back to sleep after his 5:45 breakfast bottle) when our bedroom door busted open and we were woken with, "Good morning everyone!! It's sunny outside today!" - in her best cheerleader voice (ie. loud and peppy). She's on a little bit of a weather kick these days.

She spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday with her Grandma, but when she got home Sunday evening one of the first things she told us was, "Hey daddy, did you know Millie's a hounddog?" It's true, Millie is in fact a hounddog.

And when we put BuddyRoe to bed and he was crying she shouted across the house to me, "Hey mom! Tell BuddyRoe to hush, I can't hear a thing with all that racket!!"

Oh the things she says!

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