Monday, January 26, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Following in the footsteps of my friend Meredith (the Farley-Linley Report) I wanted to share a few of the memorable things Charleigh has said lately. Now, I must admit that the child says at least one thing each day that leaves her father and I looking at each other and laughing hysterically.
For instance, this past weekend we heard the following interaction as we drove past her daycare:
Charleigh: That's my school.
Mommy: Yes it is.
Charleigh: Where's your work Mommy?
Mommy: My work is in town.
Charleigh: Daddy lives at his work.
Daddy: Yes I have lately baby and I'm so sorry. Hopefully it will be over soon and I'll be home more.
Charleigh: It's okaaay Dad, calm down!

And tonight as she's getting out of the bath:
Charleigh (crying to her daddy): Mommy did it.
Daddy: Mommy did what?
Charleigh: Mommy hit me.
Mommy: You know I didn't hit you, that's a story.
Charleigh (with more attitude than any 2 year old should have): That's NOT a story, it's a song!

Oh how I love her!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm In Love

I'm in love...with a flip flop!

Maybe everyone else has heard of these and they're actually old news, but that won't dampen my new found love for them.

I'm talking about the Switch Flop. It's a flip flop with interchangable straps, and they're all too cute!
I may have to ask for a pair (and some extra straps) for Mother's Day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Earlier this week I had a disposable camera from a family vacation developed. Now understand, I have a perfectly good digital camera that I love to use and do so regularly. However, there was a time when Tim, Charleigh and I took a family vacation to Washington D.C./Baltimore to see Aunt Ginger (one of Char's God mothers) and family that I forgot my digital for a day. So we did what any good tourist would do and bought a disposable.

When was this wonderful trip to D.C. you ask?

Thanksgiving week, 2006!!

So it took me more than two years to develop the film, it's better late than never!

Determination and Motivation

I am determined, and I am motivated!

I came across the website for the March of Dimes' March for Babies today,, and I just had a feeling that this was something that I should participate in. I've known of the March of Dimes for years, I've even donated the $1 at Wal-Mart and Publix and put my name on the little paper to go on the wall, but it never really had any more significane to me than the next charity or organization until recently.

Even though we've never had any direct contact with the March of Dimes the fact that they're dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, infant mortality and that issue that hits close to home for us, prematurity, makes me want to be involved in some way.

When I was looking at the locations for the March and saw my new favorite outdoor locale ~ Highlands Hammock ~ I thought to myself, "This is Perfect!" I decided at that moment that this year's March for Babies would have a "Team Cagen" in his honor. I've got Tim on board, I've already invited his mom and sister to participate with us (although his sister, who will be about 6 months pregnant by then probably won't feel like walking 6 miles) and I hope to recruit some other family and friends to join us.

Now I am determined to be able to complete the 6 miles in a respectable time, and while Cagen is my motivation to walk, the walk itself is my motivation to get back in shape. So, from now on you will find me walking the streets of Bartow whenever I can. If you live in the area and happen to pass me and notice me mumbling to myself don't be alarmed. I'm just reminding myself that..."I am Determined, and I am Motivated!"

And don't be surprised if you get an email or phone call from me in the future hitting you up for support of "Team Cagen"!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


He is free at last!

We went to the pediatrician today (for both kids actually) and Cagen was freed from his monitor! I announce this with both joy and trepidation.

I am so excited that he no longer has to wear the band around his chest that digs in to his poor skin ~ the boy actually has cuts because it's so tight, but if you loosen it up it sets off the alarm. I am also beyond excited that we can pick him up and move from room to room and do whatever we need to without unplugging him, gathering up the cords and toting his machine with us.

On the other hand I am scared to death about him having another 'episode' without the security of the monitor to alert us to it. Finding my baby blue and not breathing once was more than enough for me!

The doctor assures me that everything has been fine since he's been out of the hospital and that he appears to be thriving, but I think I'll still sleep with one eye and both ears open for a while!
"They will turn to the Lord, and He will respond to their pleas and heal them." Isaiah 19:22

Monday, January 19, 2009

So Much to Be Thankful For

After what feels like years of non-stop going and doing, I put my foot down this past weekend and told Tim that we were spending the weekend as a family - and only a family. No grandparents, no friends, no traveling or scheduling, nothing but us. As much as I love everyone and all we do, I just needed a break...or so I thought.

My original plan was to essentially do nothing. Spend a couple days lazing around the house, maybe take Charleigh to the local park or for a bike ride, but nothing that required planning or travel. Well...those that know my husband know how unlikely that is to ever happen. The man just can't sit still and relax. So instead I compromised and we loaded up Saturday morning to make the hour's journey to the Highlands Hammock State Park. And I am so glad we did!

We had a picnic, let Charleigh play on the playground and Cagen lay in the sun, we rode bikes (Tim & Charleigh) and walked (Cagen & I) through the park and along one of the trails looking for "birds, snakes and alligators" at Charleigh's request, and most importantly we just spent time as a family. We didn't have to be anywhere else and there was no one else's schedule to work with. It was just us.

Besides the obvious benefits of fresh air, sunshine and exercise this weekend provided me with an opportunity to really recognize so many of the things that I have to be thankful for. I thank God that Cagen is here and healthy enough to enjoy a day at the park, that because of God's grace the only indication of his struggles is the small monitor that we carry with us. I thank God that Charleigh is such a wonderful child, who despite the constant and extra attention that is spent on Cagen, continues to flourish and grow into a beautiful little girl inside and out. I thank God for my husband who can't sit still because he wants to 'go and do' so much with me and our children. I thank God for the beauty that surrounded us in that park - the birds, snakes and alligators as well as all of his other creations. These are just the tip of what I am thankful for and I know that it is all because of Him.

Although a trip to the state park wasn't what I originally had in mind for the weekend, God knew that it was what I needed. It was one of the most wonderful afternoons I've had in a long time, even if I did need a nap afterward!

With my mouth I will give thanks abundantly to the Lord; and in the midst of many I will priase Him. Psalm 109:30

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