Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Living the Life of Luxury

All last week we were down south at our industry's Annual Conference (my company hosts it and hubby is an attendee) which would explain my unusually long absence.

Since hubby and I both have to go we always take the kiddos with us to live the life of luxury for a few days! This year, hubby's sister and mom joined us to help wrangle the wild ones!

I'll post more on what all went on later, but for now - a little sneak peek at what BBug and BuddyRoe were up to all week...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Told You It Was Good

The following conversation took place over a dinner of hamburger-helper (cheesey ranch) tonight...

Mommy: Eat your dinner BBug.
BBug: No, I'm sleepy.
Mommy: OK. If you're sleepy you can go to your room and go to sleep.
BBug: No, I'm gonna go play.
Mommy: No, you either go to sleep or you eat.
BBug: I need a favor! Walking over to mommy's side, cupping HER OWN ear and saying "I need a cookie."
Mommy: No cookies. Either eat your dinner or nothing for the rest of the night.

After much continued debate, BBug finally agreed to try ONE bite. As it came close to her mouth she abruptly dropped it and began gagging.

Mommy: Eat your food.
BBug: It's gross!
Mommy: Eat one bite, if you don't like it you don't have to eat it.

Finally one bite makes it in to her mouth...

BBug: It's good!
Mommy: It is good.
BBug (cutting her eyes at Mommy): I told you it was good!

Really? I must have missed that in between the request for cookies and gagging!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Showers and Swims


...had a busy weekend!

We started Friday morning out by taking BBug to spend the day (and night) with her Grandma & Aunt S, then BuddyRoe and I stayed home for one more day of quarantine. Friday night I got to work on a cake for Aunt S.'s baby shower on Saturday.

The shower theme was 'King of the Jungle' so I made a lion cake that matched the plates and decor. It wasn't by any means perfect, but it was definitely made with love! (the orange spot wasn't on the actual cake - it's my way of trying to protect my nephew's identity a little bit!)

Saturday morning Hubby, BuddyRoe and I loaded up and headed south for the shower at Grandma's house. I think it's fair to say that everyone had a wonderful time at the shower and Aunt S. & Uncle C. along with "Baby-on-the-Way K" got lots of wonderful goodies!

I promise there were a lot of other people there, but I don't want to show their pictures here - it's another one of those privacy things.
After the shower our family, Grandma, Aunt S., Uncle C. and some of the cousins headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Grape's (that's BBug-ese for the great grandparents) to go swimming! BBug has been a waterbug from day one and we have been hoping that would be the case for BuddyRoe too.

It appears that we're 2 for 2 in the waterbug department!

Now we're back home and trying to catch our breath before we head to a Conference that my company is putting on in a couple of weeks. While I have to work (and Hubby does too a little bit since he's in the industry) the kids get to spend the whole week enjoying the multiple pools, waterslides, lazy river and private beach that the resort has to offer! It's a tough life they lead!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Before the Stripes

One of my oldest (and by oldest I mean longest, not that's she "old" like 39 or something! ha!) friends suggested that I post a "hair before" picture to compare to the new "Stripes" do.

Here you go...

It's a couple months old, but again it does the job! I don't get in the pictures very often :)

I Have Stripes

That's right, I have stripes.

I have a bad habit of washing my hair in the morning and pulling it in to a low ponytail for work. It's quick, it's easy and to be honest - it looks terrible! So I decided that the only way to stop myself from doing that was to go get it cut off in to a style that I have to get up and fix in the mornings. And that's just what I did. Along with the cut I had some highlights done.

For the first time in a long time, I left the salon happy with the end result. Until I got home...

I walked in the door and Hubby looked at it and turned away. That's it!! When I finally cornered him and asked what he didn't like about it he said, "You have STRIPES!"

He's only known me with either my naturally light brown/auburn hair or an all-over color of darker auburn. He's never seen me with highlights or anything else in the blonde family (although I was naturally a blonde until college). So I guess it was a shock to him - even though I told him I was getting highlights!

But here's the best part, that was his "nice" comment about it. That was followed by, "It makes you look older...like 39 or so."

Oh my, someone out there who's been married longer, please reassure me that one day he will learn when to keep his mouth shut or say, "It looks great honey."

Anyway...here's a picture of it. I'm not the most photogenic person so this really doesn't do it justice, but it will give an idea. On top of that, this is unstyled. That's right, this is what it looks like when I wake up in the morning, run a comb through the snarls and go. When the stylist actually 'fixed' it last night it looked even better...

And just because he's so darn cute, here's a picture of Mommy & BuddyRoe from this morning - he's been home from 'school' all week because of a cold so we're just hanging out today (well, I'm working from home but he's hanging out).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eating Us Out of House and Home


is what this one...

is eating in any given week right now!

That's right, along with his formula he is eating 49 jars (217 oz.) of food every week! This is the boy that we had to beg and plead with to eat the minimum required amount to leave the NICU.

There is begging and pleading no more! Now there is demanding and... well, demanding is pretty much what he does.

I would worry that he's eating too much and he may end up overweight and so on and so forth (as his daddy likes to say) but this one...

his uncle J - my middle brother - is known for eating as many as 25 jars of baby food EACH DAY when he was BuddyRoe's age. And you can all see how overweight he is now!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

BBug's 1st Haircut!

Today was a big day for our family - it only took us 3 years, 2 months and 3 days to get here, but BBug got her first haircut today!

Now, I know what you're all thinking..."The poor child didn't have much hair to spare and you cut it!?"

It wasn't so much about getting rid of length as it was about cleaning it up. It was really uneven, and when even her daddy says it's looking a little scraggly you know it needs some attention!

I'm not gonna lie to you, it just about broke my heart to part with even a strand of that hard earned and much prayed for hair! But I know it needed to be done, and bless her heart she was SO excited!

When I picked her up from daycare she told all of her teachers that she was going to get her hair cut. When we got BuddyRoe from his classroom she told his teachers that she was getting her hair cut, and added for them that only she was getting a hair cut - NOT BuddyRoe!

I was worried she may be a little nervous or scared, but that was wasted worry to say the least! She hopped right up in the chair and sat there like a big girl while the lady cut it for her. The only problem we encountered was when the beautician asked if she liked it after she was finished.

BBug's response? No.

Don't worry though, one butterscotch dumdum later she was singing a much different tune!

So, that's one more "1st" that we've had now, and one more reminder that my babies are growing up fast!

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