Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Bit of This and That

I've been pretty lazy about posting lately and tonight's gonna be no different. Sorry! Tonight's just gonna be a little bit of this and that to get caught up and then hopefully I'll be better about posting on a regular basis so the grandmas & aunts will know what's happening around The Woods.

Like I mentioned before, we went to meet our new nephew/cousin, Kyler this past weekend. He was so sweet and BBugs and BuddyRoe loved him! It was amazing to Hubby and I just how big BuddyRoe is compared to him! It's hard to believe that just 9 short months ago, not only was he that small he was smaller!! I guess all that food is working!
While we were visiting we went to a local park to let Aunt Sheri get out of the house and let the little folks play. BBug was kind enough to take BuddyRoe down the slide with her. Everyone thought it was great, except the mom with horrible nerves!!
After that visit on Saturday we pretty much took it easy on Sunday and rested up for the week ahead.
Tonight we all took a walk. I'm so sorry that I didn't have my camera! It was the first time we took BuddyRoe in the wagon and he was not sure about it! By the time we got home he was eagerly reaching up for me to get him out! BBug rode her bike and I was so proud of her. Although she gets distracted easily, I don't know where she gets that from, she rode the whole way - and it was a pretty good distance!
Once we got home she and I set to work on a birthday cake for the specialist of boys - our nephew/cousin H! He turned 2 on Monday and he, his mommy & daddy are coming for a visit tomorrow night! They live a couple states away so it's definitely a treat to get to see them.
While the cake was baking BBug went to her room to play and came out after a few minutes to show me what she had drawn - all by herself - a "C"! I was so proud of her, and very impressed by how neat it was.
My babies are growing up so fast! Not only is BBug starting to write, but BuddyRoe is now "crawling." He's still in the mindset that true crawling is for babies that have carpeted floors, he's sticking to the "commando" crawl. But boy does he get to where he wants to go now!
Again, please excuse my ridiculous voice on here!
Like I said, it's a little bit of this and that but I promise I'll try to be better in the coming days!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Working on Our Smiles

The Little People in my life have been working on their smiles...

BBug flossing like a good girl!

And BuddyRoe and the "snaggle tooth grin"!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Introducing Kyler (aka Baby K)

My sister-in-law and her newly expanded family made it home from the hospital today so I was finally able to see pictures of my new nephew Kyler!!

I've also gotten her permission to use their real names on here, so from here on out they will be Sheri, Chris & Kyler!

These are just a couple, I promise there will be lots more after we go see him this weekend!

Isn't he precious!?!
Congratulations again Chris & Sheri!!

A Whole Lot of Not Much

I said in my last post that we had a full weekend so I would have lots to post about. Well, we did a whole lot this past weekend, and I'm left with 'not much' to post about!

Saturday afternoon was my 10 year high school reunion. I'm not gonna lie to you folks, while there were a couple people that I'm so glad I got to see, for the most part this reunion was not the glory and good times for me that it was for a lot of others. There was a family picnic - which was the only event we attended due to other plans which I'll discuss in a minute - and then folks met up at a local restaurant for food and drinks later that night. I know that the majority of the classmates that were there had a BLAST. And I'm so glad they did!

I think that I've just grown in a much different direction than most of my classmates. I'm certainly not saying that my way is any better than theirs, just very different. And I think that's why I wasn't able to really enjoy it the way others did.

Oh well, such is life I guess!

Our other plans for the weekend were to attend the state Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference, which just so happened to be held in the same small town that I went to high school in. Talk about coincidence!

The Conference was really nice and the company was fantastic! We met new friends and got to catch up (a little bit) with old friends. Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I do have one of Daddy & BBug waiting for one of the sessions to begin and one of BBug during a session making use of the table centerpieces.

Like I said, we did a whole lot this weekend but there wasn't much for me to say about it. Now, next weekend we're going to meet our new nephew, Baby K. And I will have LOTS of pictures of that meeting (as long as that's ok with his mommy & daddy)!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome Baby K

Our new nephew, Baby K has arrived!
5:27 p.m.
6 lbs. 11 oz.
20 inches long
lots of dark hair
Mommy, Baby and Daddy are all doing well!
Congrats C & S!!
(I don't have pictures yet, I'll post when I get them if it's ok with the new parents!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Trip to Check on NahNah & More

BBug and BuddyRoe's NahNah (my mom) was in a car accident at the very end of June so last weekend we headed up to ATL to check on and visit with her and PopPop. Also visiting at the time were my cousins and some of their kids, so it was a full and crazy house to say the least!

Thankfully NahNah is doing pretty well after her ordeal, the same can not be said for her poor minivan!

While we were there we visited with this one...

This is Boogie, BBug & BuddyRoe's favorite girl cousin. For now she's their only girl cousin. But that could all change in just a few months!

And we had decadent Super-Duper Chocolate Cake for my birthday!

The kids were AMAZING on the 8 hour drive each way. I don't want to jinx myself but they are almost always great travelers! It was a great trip, even if it was a long way in a short time. I am so glad that we got up there to visit, we just don't see them enough!

Now the kiddos and I are looking forward to August when we'll join NahNah and PopPop for several days at the beach!!

Moving on to an unrelated note...

This one turned 9 months old earlier this week! I can't believe how big he's getting. He's eating table foods with every meal ~ his favorite so far seems to be spaghetti! He also started "crawling" on Tuesday. He goes about one crawl and then lays down, but it's a start. He's also talking up a storm and getting SO much personality!

We have another busy weekend coming up so I'll have lots to post about when it's over. And in addition to all of our activities, Aunt S. and Uncle C. will be busy welcoming Baby K to the family tomorrow! Because of some complications he's coming about a week and a half or so earlier than planned so please say a prayer for he and his mommy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

We spent the long Fourth of July weekend at a lakehouse with some friends.

Our family, along with Aunt A. and Unlce M. (some of our very good friends, and one set of BuddyRoe's God parents) traveled over on Thursday night to get settled in. Our other friends, Mr. B. and Miss K. (who are BuddyRoe's other God parents), and their kids M. and W. (got that all straight?) joined us later in the weekend.
I have LOTS of pictures - more than 400 to be exact - but I'm a little wierd about putting up pictures of anyone outside of my family so this post will only have a few.

We spent our time swimming, tubing, skiing, eating, sleeping and relaxing - it was pure heaven!

BBug kept telling us that she knew how to water ski. Whenever Aunt A. asked her where she learned how to ski her reply was, "On the water."
Smart kid, that one!
However, once we got out on the water and Daddy started knee boarding she quickly retracted that statement and told us that she in fact, did NOT know how to ski!

She and BuddyRoe did both go tubing with Daddy though, and they both had a great time. BuddyRoe also went for a dip in the lake - BBug missed out on that because she had been lulled to sleep by the boat ride. BuddyRoe also slept on the boat a lot. As a matter of fact, every time the boat started moving he immediately went to sleep - but as soon as it stopped he was wide awake again!

We also spent a little bit of time fishing from the dock. Uncle M. caught one fish and Mr. B & W. caught another one, but that was it for our luck. Not that we didn't have fun trying though!

One thing that you can be assured of when this group of folks gets together is that we're going to eat well - and this weekend was no exception. We had a low country boil one night and steaks off the grill another! We also made homemade ice cream...yummy! And yes, we even let BuddyRoe try a little bit of everything. He told us that steak and sausage are way better than baby food!
By the time the fireworks rolled around on Saturday night we were all so tired that we just watched what we could see from the picture window in the house. It worked out well enough though since BBug still isn't a huge fan of them!

We went back out on the water for a little while Sunday before we packed up and headed home. It was a great trip and we are so thankful that we were able to take it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Long, Lean Growing Machine

BuddyRoe had his 9 month check-up (and 6 month shots) yesterday and folks, he's a long, lean growing machine!

He is now 18 pounds 12 ounces, 27 3/4 inches long! That puts him in the 25th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height. The doctor is the one that gave him the distinction of "long and lean."

The great news is that the doctor said he appears to have outgrown all of his "preemie-ness." He also said he's right on track with all of his developmental milestones. He has three teeth now (two on the bottom and one on top), is babbling up a storm, and is trying to crawl - he'll get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth he just hasn't been able to gain forward momentum yet!

The doctor also said that his eating 10 jars of food a day wasn't a problem. He does want us to try to get him to drink a little bit more formula, but after that he said to let him eat as much as he wants. The doctor's orders - "You control WHAT he eats, He controls HOW MUCH he eats!" That's all well and good until you get the grocery bill! The doctor did say he could start eating more 'table' foods, which BuddyRoe appreciates since the menu for this weekend includes steak and a low country boil! (Just kidding - I wouldn't really start him out on shrimp and sausage! His Daddy or his Aunt A. might, but I wouldn't!)

BuddyRoe also got his 6 month (or third set) shots. Again, he was such a good boy. By the time we picked him up off the table he was done crying. He was a little bit fussy yesterday, but more than anything he was sleepy! His normal bedtime is 7:30 p.m. - well last night when I was feeding him dinner at 6:00 he was literally falling asleep in his beef and vegetables! We finally just decided to let him hit the sack early and this morning he's like a new boy!

It's hard to believe it's already been 9 months since he was born. I couldn't imagine that life could get any better than when we had BBug, but having both of them is just about as close to perfect as it can get!

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