Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boogie Woogie Butterfly

Since August BBug has been taking ballet and tap lessons at a local dance studio. Before she started she would constantly dance around the house, so we knew that dance was perfect for her!


While she enjoyed it, she was definitely the "flighty" dancer who was busy making up her own routines and fixing her hair in the mirror while everyone else was following the instructor.

This past weekend was her recital and despite some concern that she might not know her dances, she did phenomenal! Her daddy was also more than a little concerned that her makeup may be a little too much and she may look, shall we say more mature than she should. Luckily after a test run by BBug herself...

I did her hair and makeup and while she didn't seem overly impressed, her daddy and I were both happy with it.

Her ballet number was the 'Lonely Little Butterfly'...
I L.O.V.E.D. their costumes for this dance! I thought BBug looked so beautiful and awfully grown up in it. She and all of her friends did very well with their steps too.
Her tap number was 'Boogie Woogie Piggy'... Let me just add here that I tapped to the exact same song some 25 years ago!
The basics of this costume were really cute as well, but none of the moms were big fans of the ears!
By about midway through this routine BBug had decided she was done! She proceeded to just stand on the stage with her head down and arms stretched out toward me in the audience. Luckily she didn't break down completely!
We weren't planning on staying for the entire recital - I mean it's over 3 hours long for crying out loud! But BBug really wanted to do the Finale dance.
It was to Wild, Wild West and Cotton Eyed Joe. I didn't get any good pictures from that one, but her favorite part was when they "shot" their (finger) guns and then blew on them before holstering them! She was soo stinkin cute doing that one!

Like I said earlier, she enjoyed dance but it wasn't (at this point) a passion for her. So next fall we'll be trading in our taps for cletes and hitting the futball (soccer) field!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Odds and Ends

As usual I've been too busy, too lazy or too forgetful to post lately, so now I'm stuck with a quick catch up post!

I really can't tell you what all we've been up to, but I know it's been a lot. One thing we did manage to get in lately is a quick trip to the beach - the first of the year!
The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we loaded up with Aunt A. and Uncle M. and headed to our favorite "local" beach. BBug wasn't a huge fan of the water - what can I say, she's her mama's girl - but BuddyRoe couldn't get enough - he's his daddy's boy!
Note to Self: Pay close attention to your sunscreen. You never know when your preschooler will decide she needs some more!

BuddyRoe had another adventure yesterday - he got his first buzz cut! I made Hubby take him while I was at dance with BBug, and when they showed back up I have to admit that I teared up a little. He doesn't look like a baby anymore...he's a big boy!
And speaking of big boys...look who has moved on up and out of the crib and in to a big boy bed! Yes, I know we're crazy for transitioning him to a big boy bed at 20 months, but KNOCK ON WOOD, PLEASE DON'T JINX ME so far he's done really well! We were worried about how to keep him in bed until he fell asleep, but we've got that part figured out.
He only gets a pacifier (which he now calls a 'ma') at bedtime, but boy does he love that thing! Sometimes on the weekend he'll ask for his 'ma' and then go to his bed - we joke that he needs his 'ma' fix. Anyway...to get him to stay in the big boy bed we just told him that if he gets out he has to give us the 'ma'. That keeps him in there pretty well! I just lay with him for a few minutes and then he's out.
So far we haven't made it all the way through the night without him ending up in our bed, but this morning we made it until 4:30 (only 45 minutes early)! And then he didn't end up in our bed, he went straight to the kitchen for juice!
And I know this is completely random, but I have two really funny BBug conversations to share.
We were at daycare when we realized someone we know is in BuddyRoe's class. The mom asked me where my other baby was. When I told her that it was just BBug and BuddyRoe she said, "Oh, I thought you had three." BBug quickly piped up with "No, but we have a dog."
I don't know if it's that funny on here, but I almost wet my pants it was so funny at the time!

The next BBug story also had me laughing. She was at dance when she saw a woman we used to go to church with. The lady said, "BBug I haven't seen you at church lately."
BBug's response was, "Yeah, we go to a new church. They have doughnuts!"
So apparently BBug isn't in to the new church for the fellowship, awesome Sunday School or time with the Lord...it's all about the doughnut buffet. I think I have some work to do there!

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