Thursday, May 28, 2009

"It's Good Daddy"

I decided to try a new dish for dinner earlier this week. It was a "chicken rollup" recipe that I found in an old church cookbook.

I made dinner, put BBug's plate on the table along with mine & Hubby's and we all sat down. BBug said the blessing (it's a very short and sweet "God is great, Amen." but it's a blessing!) and Hubby and I dug in.

After a few minutes I told BBug she needed to eat. Her response was "I don't like it, it's gross!" Followed by gagging noises.

Then she immediately turned to her daddy, pasted on a sweet smile, handed him her plate and said, "Here daddy, you eat it. It's GOOOOOD!"

Oh, my child! What am I gonna do with her?!

On another BBug related note - I'm back at making dresses for her (or at least attempting to). I'm still doing the nice and easy kinds, but last night I switched it up from the 'pillowcase' dress to the 'bandana' dress. Again, I didn't actually use a bandana - I used some fabric I already had - but I followed the general idea. And I have to say, that even with one little mess-up I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Buddy Roe and the Baby

I haven't had a whole lot going on this week to blog about, but I thought I would share a couple new pictures of Buddy Roe and "the Baby." This is the baby doll that I showed in this post...

It's amazing how much he (Buddy Roe, not the baby doll) has grown in the last 7 months! It's gotten difficult to take the 'comparison' photos because he won't lay still long enough anymore!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rare Talent

Hubby has been bugging me about not updating this often enough for his liking. He says he doesn't know what his family is doing if I don't blog about it - uh huh, sure.

So, since he was so adamant about updating I figured I would dedicate this post to him!

You see, I recently discovered a rare and until-now hidden talent that my Hubby has. He can play the trumpet...without a trumpet!!

What? You ask. Let me show you - I know the quality on this is terrible and I apologize, but all you really need is the audio.

This is BBug singing a song from her favorite CD from cousin C (thanks Aunt B!). It's called "Moving Along." She is accompanied on the thumb trumpet by her daddy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Break Through!

Yes, I know I've already posted today but I have to tell you very quickly about a break through at our house!

This one...

Had his 1st Tooth Break Through Yesterday!

Mother's Day Weekend: A Lot of Random Bits & Pieces

Our Mother's Day Weekend was full to the brim of random bits & pieces!
Friday night BBug just couldn't wait to give me my gifts so we celebrated Mother's Day a little early! These are what the kids made for me at school! I LOVE THEM!!

Saturday morning started off bright and early with Hubby & BBug heading out for a day of fishing with some of our friends. It was BBug's first time on a boat (well, other than a little john boat) and her first real fishing trip. And she had a ball!

They saw fish, starfish, manatee, sea turtles, crabs and more!

The only mishap of the day came when she was trying to get her starfish out of the live well and fell in! Not to worry though, "Uncle" M was there to save her!
While the great outdoorsmen (and girl) were off doing their thing, Buddy Roe and I were having a relaxing day at the house. I tried to do a little photoshoot, but after a couple of shots he just wasn't interested. He said something about it being hot outside - I don't know.

Sunday we headed up to the town I spent my middle- and high-school years in to pick up the newest member of our family...Beta.

Beta belonged to a couple that I went to school with, but they needed to find a new home for him and we were happy to provide that home.

A little background here - Hubby had a German Shorthair when we met. That dog was the true love of his life (I joke - kind of). Unfortunately, Cecil (the dog) passed away before we got married. Hubby really wanted another Shorthair, but by the time we were ready for a new dog (back in 2005) one had just won the Westminster Show and they were way out of our price range! So instead we adopted Bentley from the local pound.
And he is a WONDERFUL part of our family! Couldn't love the dog more!

Back to Sunday - we drove up, picked up Beta and came back home (a trek that took about 5 1/2 hours!).

Once the dogs met Bentley "announced" that he was the boss, Beta ignored him and they've gotten along well enough ever since! Basically, they continue to ignore one another. We're hoping they warm up as time goes on.
Like I said, Hubby was so excited to get Beta. He just knew that this was going to be "his" dog. Well, I hate to break it to him but someone else has claimed ownership of this one!

She pretty much follows him wherever he goes! It's love!

Sorry this was so long, I just wanted to share all of our bits and pieces from the weekend!
I hope all you moms had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jesus Loves Me: The Lady Told Me So

Alright, I'm going to warn you that this is going to be a post full of frustration, so be prepared.

We got a new dog this weekend (I'll post more on him and the rest of the weekend later) and decided to take him, the kids and our other dog for a walk around the neighborhood.

On our way home, at 7:30 p.m. we were stopped on the sidewalk talking to our neighbors when a car pulled to a stop in the road. We all turned to look and a woman opened the car door and shouted at us, "I sure missed you in church tonight! But Jesus loves you!"

She then closed her door and drove away. It was very odd because her tone wasn't sincere, it was sugary sweet sarcasm. I sat there for a moment trying to place who she was and then I realized, I DON'T KNOW HER!

Apparently, this random stranger felt that it was her place to let me know in a convoluted way that I should have been in church rather than walking my dogs. At least that's how we all took it.

Here's my thing - I'm a Christian. I'm very proud to be such. I have a big problem however with people who think it is their place to let me know whether or not I am being a "good" Christian. I don't care if you go to church once a year, once a month or once every day! It's not you who gets to decide if I am "doing it right" or not. That's up to someone much greater than you, that's up to Him!

And for all she knew, I had already been to church and gotten home to spend time with my family! (This isn't the case, our church actually doesn't have a Sunday evening service, but she doesn't know that)

On a much happier note, like I said before - I'll be posting all about our fun-filled weekend and the newest addition to our family later today!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me...

I'm jumping on MckMama's bandwagon and doing a "Not Me Monday" post. It's my first attempt, so please be gentle...

I did not get up at 4:45 on Saturday morning to drive (ok, ride ~ Hubby drove) an hour, walk 4 miles, ride the bike 4 miles and then drive another hour back home. Nope, not me! And it was not for an awesome cause - the March for Babies.

I did not come home from church yesterday, put on pajamas and spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing! I would never be that lazy, not me!

I did not eat about 12 rolls of Smarties that were left over from the kids' Teacher Appreciation gift that I dropped off this morning, and consider that my breakfast. Not me!

And because it's 5:01 p.m. - I did not do this on work time! Not me (Laurie, if you read this please don't tell!)

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