Friday, January 14, 2011


No, I'm not talking about the show.  Or the number of hours in a day.  I'm talking about the number of days my car has been in the shop now.

This is not my actual car, Photo found here

Back in December when it started getting cold (remember, it's all relative and the mid-40s is cold in Florida!) I started 'warming my car up' in the mornings.  The only problem?  It never got warm!  I told Hubby about this problem and his first response was to ask if I was pushing the right buttons. 

Now let me tell you something, at one point in my life - for a very long time - I was a (natural) blonde.  However, even I know how to turn on the stinkin' heater in my car!  After he checked for himself, he finally agreed that it was broken and we took it to the dealership to be repaired. 

It turns out the entire heating and cooling system had to be replaced!  That meant they had to pull out the seats, the dash, everything!  It took them about a week and a half before they called and said it was ready.  When Hubby went to pick it up he decided to test it just to make sure it worked.  And thank goodness he did, because...NOTHING!  No AC, no heat, nothing worked!  So, back in the shop it went and there it remains. 

We originally took it in on the Tuesday before Christmas!  Once the dealership determined it wouldn't be done that day they gave me a rental.  Now I don't want to sound ungrateful but I bought an SUV, a Lincoln MKX to be exact.  And I'm making payments on a Lincoln MKX.  But for the past twenty-four days I have been driving a Ford Fusion!  Nothing against the Fusion, it's a nice enough little car, but it's not my car!

Photo found here

When we called today they said they were expecting the part they need now to arrive today - it had been tied up in the snowstorm in Atlanta.  They're hopeful they'll have it done by next Monday but can't make any guarantees.  

I'm hopeful I won't lose my mind on the nice gentleman if he tells me it's still not ready on Monday, but I can't make any guarantees!  

And just to leave on a happy note...a couple of pictures of two of my favorite people in the grove recently!


Charon Benton said...

Oh no! I hate that you are without YOUR car! That stinks!

Beth said...

Sorry about the car that seriously stinks. I hope they get it back to you soon.

The kiddos look cute as always. Loving that new camera I see. :D

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